Battery operated temperature sensor with radio transmission


Small, compact temperature transmitter with external temperature sensor. The measured temperature value is transmitted per radio. 868 MHz frequency, Wireless M-Bus compatible (EN13757-4). Values can be received by the TRB-USB module or by the TRMC or TPT devices.



  • Temperature measurement in buildings
  • Industrial installation monitoring
  • Energy management
  • Measure in refrigerators or freezers
  • Measure of the heating in houses


  • Factory calibrated temperature sensor.
  • TRP-3D-X : Operates from -30°C to +85°C. Temperature measurement range from -55°C to +125°C. +/-0.5°C precision between -10°C and +85°C, maximum +/-2°C error outside this range
  • Compatible with EN 13757-4, mode T1 (Wireless M-Bus), 868 MHz
  • Battery operated, high autonomy
  • External sensor with 2m cable in a stainless tube
  • Software and material filter
  • Configurable
  • Range 50 to 800m depending on the environment
  • Polyester enclosure IP65 or ABS IP64
  • Internal, replaceable battery


TRP-3D-X radio sensor has external temperatur sensors at the end of a 2m cable. The sensor can thus be installed in a precise place (pipe, refrigerator,...)

The TRP-3D-X is a wireless temperature sensor designed for indoor temperature measurement applications. The device is compact, reliable and efficient. Data are transmitted per radio at regular interval according to the Wireless M-Bus protocol

The TRP-3D-X data messages can be received by TRMC (radio versions), TPT (radio versions) and the TRB-USB devices

In optimal conditions, the maximal range is 800m. The indoor range is very dependant on obstacles and is often several tens of meters.

The TRP-3D-X module is powered by a lithium battery 3.6V 2.4Ah. The consumption of the module TRP is very low, generally less than 10 µA. The radio transmission consumes more energy but only during some milliseconds. With the lithium battery, the autonomy can reach 5, 10 even 15 years, according to the selected settings. The battery is replaceable.

By default, the interval of measure of the TRP-3D-X is 10 minutes. The interval of measure can be modified by the serial interface with the appropriate software.

Dimensions : 160 x 75x 56mm + cable with sensor

  Additionnal ressources and information

PDF TRP-3D-P manuel d'installation Français