The TRMC™-5 was specially designed for scientific and industrial applications. It is the ideal tool for a continuous monitoring of springs, rivers or facilities.
The TRMC™-5 possesses the characteristics which will allow you to set up a successful, affordable and open network of telemetry.


How does it work ?

The main function is to store and to transmit values from external sensors or probes which are connected to the TRMC™ either by wire or by radio.

The TRMC™ stores the values with regular interval then transmits them remotely via GPRS/3G to a server. Thanks to various mechanisms of security, the communication is very reliable. The data arrives directly on the server and can be exported to Excel format. Tetraedre provides the software TDS™ to allow the data display.
Everything works on battery during several months, even several years. The TRMC™-5 also controls the power supply of probes. The TRMC™-5 is able to send SMS in case of alarm (thresholds overflow, etc). It can also monitor a sampler of samples (ISCO).

TRMC™-5 adaptable according to your needs

The TRMC™-5 has a consequent advantage: it is flexible and programmable according to your needs. We are designers of these devices it means that we can modify them at your convenience. It is also possible to add an extension card to increase the features of the device. The TRMC™-5 is also compatible with several probes manufacturers (STS, Keller, WTW, Albillia, etc.)