The TRMC™-33 is the ideal tool to make the remote reading of various meters (villa, solar self-producer). It is so possible to visualize at remotely the whole energy consumption of a detached house and to establish the invoicing thanks to a single device.

The sizes of the datalogger are of 23cm length(+8cm antenna), 19cm wide. It take up a space of meter on the electrical panel. A transformer 230 VAC is integratedin the device.

The TRMC™-33 is compatible multi-manufacturers (GWF, Itron, Landis and Gyr, Kamstrup, Elster, Aquametro,...). It is also capable of reading various brands of meters.

The travels from villa to villa to read meters manually become then useless. It allows you to save time during the movings.

How does it work ?

The main function is to store and transmit index and load profiles. Indexes and profiles come from external meters which are connected to the TRMC™ by wire or by radio.
The TRMC™ stores data at regular intervals and transmits it to a server. Thanks to various security mechanisms the communication is very reliable. The data arrives directly on the server. Tetraedre provides software of infrastructure management and various interfaces to other softwares (SAP, EDM,.…)

They trusted us

The TRMC™-33 was developed in association with professionals working for the industrial services:
Service des Energies d'Yverdon (SEY)
Sinergy, Martigny
It corresponds perfectly to the needs for these applications.


TRMC™-33 : according to your needs

TRMC™-33 is the ideal tool for remote readings for villas and detached houses. Designer of this device, we can adapt it so that it is compatible with meters installed in the house and to modify it so that he corresponds to your needs