Tetraedre modules TRP-20-20 are electronic devices of analog measure with radio transmission on the band ISM 868 MHz.

The TRP-20-20 module has a bornier 2 poles for an external power. The nominal tension is of +12VDC with a limit max at 15V.

Power of probes 4-20mA

Probes 4-20mA which are measured by the module can be powered by two different ways; or in a permanent way by connecting their power on the TRP power or in a occasional way by connecting their " PowerAnalog " signal. The power analog signal is switched on 4 seconds before the measure is made. The tension of this signal is equal to the power supply voltage.

By default, the interval of measure of the TRP-20-20 is 10 minutes. So, every 10 minutes, the analog probe is switched on, the measure is made and transmitted by radio. The interval of measure can be modified by the serial interface with the appropriate software. The TRP possesses passive analog inputs (resistance 33Ω between the input and GND).