A wireless system, easy to install

Our system allows to read the images of the camera and to send them on a secured website. The transmission of the images is made using a connection 3G.
The system can, in some cases, battery operated but is generally used with a power supply.

The data is sent to the website of Tetraedre where you can visualize and save the images.


Real time vision with HD images

Thanks to the camera and to the data transmission of this one you can watch at almost real time (for example 1 image every 10 minutes) what is happening on the field. You visualize then HD images guaranteeing an optimal quality.
The quality (size, compression) images is discussed with you, according to your needs (number of images per day, battery operated, etc.).


Night vision

To guarantee a surveillance 24 hours on 24, it is possible to order a camera equipped with an infrared vision.

Images visualisation on a website

Tetraedre provides a secured website where you can see the images. Not only the last image is available but also all the images of the last 15 days.


A complete system: camera, transmission and display

Tetraedre proposes the complete system, including the camera, electronics, SIM card and the website.
The camera can be rented or bought.
SIM card and the access to the website are monthly rented, but it is also possible to use your own SIM card.