Vibrations, accelerations, liftings

The TRMC™-PIEZO-SAFE warns you immediately if your piezometer undergoes vibrations, accelerations or if it is opened, thanks to three sensors.
The TRMC™ also stores the information of the three sensors and the battery voltage and transmits them remotely to your computer. This provides you with a monitoring of the installation and the guarantee that your system is operational and not disturbed.
You can so watch your piezometers remotely and be alerted by SMS or by email.

The sensors are in a strong box of stainless steel. It is also possible to adapt the dimensions of the box to your piezometers.


How does it work ?

3 sensors are in the system: an impacts sensor, an accelerations sensor, a movements sensor. These 3 systems are connected with a datalogger (TRMC™) which stores the events and transmits them remotely on a server.
It is also possible to be warned by SMS instantly if there is an event.
The detection of the acceleration can be very sensitive; down to 10mg. This parameter can obviously be changed according to your needs.

TRMC™-PIEZO-SAFE adaptable sizes

Each piezometer is different, that's why you can choose the size of the TRMC™-PIEZO-SAFE so that they are compatible with your piezometers.