Invoicing, consumption, leaks


Indeed, the TRMC-19 is able to transmit, remotely, the data of your network. You discover so the profile and the history of consumption of your customers remotely. So, in case of problem on the network of water, you are immediately warned and you can act accordingly (SMS of alarm).

The TRMC-19 also allows you to make automatic invoicing. You can create the invoice of your customers with a simple click from your computer.

The TRMC-19 is battery operated for several years (depending on the configuration). The data of measure of your network are stored on the TRMC-19 which sends them regularly by GSM/GPRS.

Thanks to its enclosure polyester, the TRMC-19 is perfectly tight and is used as well in cold places as wet.

How does it work ?

The TRMC-19 is an autonomous datalogger, working on battery and able to store and to transmit indexes and profiles of load remotely via GSM/GPRS. These indexes and profiles result from external meters which are connected to the TRMC either by wire or by radio.
It can work with a single battery during several years. The system requires no power supply other than internal battery which has a lifespan of 6 years.
The TRMC-19 can recreate curves of hourly consumption or 1/4 hour.

It is possible, thanks to an extension card, to read the values of gas correctors (Elster EK260, Itron Corus, Tritschler VC2)

Generally, the TRMC transmits the measures with regular interval, in GPRS to a TDS server. The TDS software allows to store and to visualize the data through a Web page.


  • Improve the management of the water
  • Detect leaks
  • Discover the consumption profile of your customers
  • Charge waterCompatibility with meters of several manufacturers
  • Customized product
  • Battery operated
  • Personalized service
  • Centralized server (at the customer) with access via internet
  • Easy installation