The TPM-2 is a device of measure and recording of two pressures and two temperatures, working with a battery. Thanks to its multiple features, you can monitor your gas pipes remotely.
The TPM-2 will allow you to make tests of pressure in all simplicity.


How does it work ?

The main function is to store and to transmit measures of temperature and pressure. These values result from external meters which are connected to the TPM-2.

The TPM-2 records the values with regular interval then transmits them to a server. The interval of measure can be programmed according to your desires (typically 1 hour).
The data arrive directly on a Web server (Tetraedre TDS software). The operator can visualize then almost in live, the pressure and the temperature of the gas pipe which are tested. The TPM-2 and the probes work with a battery which is in the TPM-2. It is about a rechargeable battery allowing you in the long term to save money.
All the data are also stored in the TPM-2 and can be read with a USB cable.

TPM-2 adaptable according to your needs

The TPM-2 is flexible and programmable according to your needs. We are designers of these devices it means that we can adapt them at your convenience. You can also choose several ranges of measures of pressure and temperature.