The TRP™-11-LoRa is the first one "endpoint" LoRa, capable of transmitting the digital information read from meters. Serial number, index and other customizable meter values are transmitted.

Thanks to the advantages of the technology LoRa and the TRP™, the data transmission is made over long distances.
The TRP™-11-LoRa works on a battery with an autonomy going up to 10 years, depending on the configuration.

The TRP™-11-LoRa allows you to transmit the data of your meter easily and to have a reliable reading. Easy to install and small the TRP™-11-LoRa will quickly find a place close to your meters.

How does it work?

The module is configured from an XML file. The module queries the meter by M-BUS.
Thanks to filters defined in the XML file, only certain fields of the answer M-BUS are kept (for example serial number, register). These data are then formated in a package LoRa and sent on the network.

The measure frequency of the meter is defined (1x/day, 1x/hour or 1x/15min) as well as the sending frequency of the data in LoRa (for example 1x/day, 1x/hour, 1x/5min)

For configuration, it is necessary to use an adaptater cable USB<=>RJ12 (to order separately). It is also necessary to use the Axiom BASIC program available on the Tetraedre web site.


The description of the LoRa message is described in this document.